Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I met a rocket scientist

And now I feel very smart. Over the weekend I was in a line to pay at a store. The two guys in front of me bought stuff that totaled $6.19. One gave the cashier a ten and she put the amount in the register so it told her how much change to give. Then the other gave her a quarter. She couldn't figure out how much change to give them. She used a calculator and then gave them three ones and a bunch of change. Then she said that isn't right. She couldn't figure it out. I said you need to give them back $4.06. She didn't get it. I went to another line. (I wonder if her cash register drawer ever balances at the end of her shift?) Now I feel very smart. My brain capacity was clearly greater than hers. Chemo brain was superior to some else!

Recently I went to gmaps pedometer and mapped my walking routes and found out my walks are shorter than I thought. Then I went to the USDA Food Pyramid where you enter what you eat and the activities you do in an effort to eat healthy. (Its actually pretty cool and shows you where you need improvement - either in food or activities. But a pain in the neck to keep updated daily.) There I found out my daily walks don't burn as many calories as I thought on the flat so I need to do longer walks and the hills more often. So yesterday I took a longer walk than I have been taking. Funny - but I was a little tired after that. Gee, I wonder why???

Today, I will also take a big walk but more importantly I have to prepare for my doctor appointment tomorrow. I am meeting the surgeon about my gall bladder so I have to break him in. I have my list of questions for him, my list of medications, my list of medical allergies, and my medical history list. This is when he asks about what is wrong with me, I can say 'do you want me to tell you or do you want a list?' Its kind of complicated - the list that is. Actually, it was a very short list until 2005. In fact my entire medical history before 2005 is shorter than the list from the last 3 years. Also today I am going to work, working from home, and having a phone interview about some more freelance work. Working from home is great (as I sit here drinking coffee in my pajamas). The commute is a breeze!

My real problem is that with Walter gone, I told him I would help keep up with the crab grass so I have to do that and the regular garden weeding. In addition, I am about to inundated with green peppers and cucumbers - more than I can possibly eat. Then I will have a million tomatoes as well. It would be nice if the tomatoes and peppers would be ripe at the same time and I could make sauce and freeze it. How to speed up ripening tomatoes? Well, that's a problem for another day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much like the register chick, math doesn't click for me. However, to use a calculator and still be lost, that's pretty crazy!!!

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