Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is my week for weird sports. Well, weird sports for me. My sports generally include things like hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, which are more outdoor activities.

Yesterday I went to an LPGA golf clinic. I got to sit at a table and give out literature and talk to people. Basically I sat for about 2:25 hours and talked for about 5 minutes. There was another volunteer there so we got to chat as well. It was at a very exclusive, invitation only, type country club. I decided golf clothes are pretty fancy. There are the fancy little golf skirts or the long shorts. They also looked VERY expensive. But I don't think I will buy them anytime soon as I cant play golf. I went to the Bahamas once and stayed at a Club Med which had free golf lessons every day. I tried for three days and gave up. Now I can say I tried. Also, perhaps my mini golf game improved as a result.

My next sport this week will be fly fishing. Yes, fly fishing. You read that right. I am going on a Komen Association & Orvis fishing company sponsored retreat for breast cancer survivors where they teach fly fishing. They have them all around the country all year long. This is also fly fishing in the ocean. I am not sure how that is going to work but I am willing to try. Its also catch and release so if someone else will take the hook out of my fish (if I catch any), that will be just fine with me. But it is an opportunity to stay at an ocean front retreat for a summer weekend. That part should be very nice regardless of what the activities are.

Now the big news is that my dahlias are starting to bloom. They should keep blooming from now until frost in October. Very exciting. Okay, so maybe I obsess at tad too much about my garden but that's fine with me.

Today I am off to work and then I have to go into Boston again for work. This time I have learned my lesson and will take the subway and not drive.

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