Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little light reading

A few days ago, I learned that Scientific American had issued a special edition on cancer. After I had to think where to actually go BUY a magazine, instead of reading it on line or subscribing to it (I guess I could have gotten it out of the library as well but I didn't think of that until just now), I bought a copy at Border's yesterday when I was on the way to meet a friend for coffee. Let's just say that Scientific American is not light reading and definitely more on the technical side. I am not sure I am up for it between chemo brain and the inability to even find it on the display (I had to ask for assistance - I couldn't find it as it wasn't with Popular Science and other science magazines. It was with some ultra geeky magazines in the display right behind me when I was looking.) I have it. I meant to start reading it but I was tired last night. I have looked at it briefly and (in addition to have a glossary of different types of cells which I am sure will be very useful), it has some interesting articles on breast cancer, stem cells, research, etc.

I often shy away from what is posted in the media on cancer. Too often a news reporter gets hold of a sound bite from a research study, takes it out of context, and completely blows it out of proportion which causes all kinds of stress for us cancer people. (I don't use the word patient because my active treatment is over, I don't use the word survivor because I am not just surviving, I am trying to live as well. But I am a person, so we are cancer people.) I am hopeful that this contains some real facts and not a lot of fluff. Scientific American is not a 'fluff' magazine. Anyhow, it is my light reading for this weekend.

Otherwise, my life is boring. yesterday I went to work and then met a friend for a walk. A downpour started about 10 minutes before we were back at our cars - we were concerned we were walking slowly but once the rain started, that was no longer an issue. Then I ran some errands and met a friend. Then I was tired and went to bed early. Today I am working at work and from home, going for a walk, and watching a Netflix after some light reading. If it would stop raining, I would even do some weeding but that looks extremely doubtful according to the local weather radar.


PerfectMomentProject said...

Fighting cancer through Pure Joy every day. Here's a lesson I took from a survivor this week. Love to have you check out my Perfect Moment Project.

Anonymous said...

scientific american is Nearly 40 years since they declared war on cancer, it's articles are great.

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