Monday, July 28, 2008


The importance of wearing the right shoes and caring for them properly should not be underrated. After Saturday's misstep, I washed off the bottoms of my sneakers and left them outside to dry. Then it rained Sunday morning and they got wet. So I poured the water out of them and left them to dry in the sun. And then my chemo brain forgot they were there, and it poured out again. Now they are drying in the bathtub. They were dripping wet, with 1/2" of water in each.

Yesterday I wore my gaudy gold flip flops that have been my favorites this summer. Then I went to the local farm stand to get some vegetables. They do have pick your own for half price. I thought what a great idea and set off with a little map of the farm... Well, the rain yesterday and last week made giant mud puddles, everywhere. Needless to say, now my flip flops may never be the same...

Today, I think I will break into my sneaker stash. I cleaned out my closet this spring and found three pairs of unworn sneakers in boxes. (Chemo brain strikes again.) I will also make a point of not stepping in anything I shouldn't.

Otherwise, off for a walk and work. I may be volunteering at an LPGA tournament this afternoon (even though I know nothing about golf). I was asked to be a volunteer and agreed. I was told they would send me more information - like where to go and what to do - but I have not received it. I emailed on Friday and got no response. I will try calling this morning. If I get no reply, I don't think I'll be going.

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