Friday, July 25, 2008

Ow! Ouch! Yowza!

Yesterday was a very rainy day. Actually we just had monsoon week. They claim 7" of rain in the past four days. No wonder I feel like I am about to start getting moldy. (At least kitty doesn't try to escape on rainy days - he hates getting wet - so I haven't been fighting that little battle daily.)

What it does mean is that yesterday, I drove through four flooded roads in the four miles between here and work. Then to be uber lazy, I drove the 1/4 mile to the gym. (Don't you like my logic - drive 1/4 mile to walk on the treadmill for 2 miles?) It was supposed to start raining again - and it did. It poured. So its a good thing I drove. I get points for going to the gym. I actually even used the machines and did an upper body work out. Hence the Ow! Ouch! Yowza! this morning as some of my muscles would like to remind me I haven't been doing that often enough. I will go again this weekend. My problem is I find it very boring to use the cardio machines in the gym. I would much prefer going outside. I used to be really good and walk outside and then end up at the gym for an upper body work out. Maybe I should try that again. Duh!

I also did say that I was going to bike to work one day a week for the five weeks of work. So far I have biked one day on the second week. There have been actually very few days I could ride my bike. Either the weather was too hot (90+) or too rainy or I had appointments to keep that were out of biking radius. I am considering biking today but am not sure. I feel like I am finally recovered from over doing it last week so I am not sure I want to bike and wear myself out. See procrastination is a very worthwhile activity. Perhaps I will give up on the bike to work notion but start doing regular bike rides that are just for fun. Five miles from here is the end of the bike path where there is a really good ice cream stand.... But I don't think I can bike all the way there now. And I can't eat ice cream these days. Biking to the farm stand. That might work better. Its a mile away and non-fattening.

One good thing about all this rain, well two good things, my rain barrel is now completely refilled and overflowing and my garden is watered. I think when the sun comes out later today I will have lots of flowers. I will be sure to bore you with pictures.

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