Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day Not To Repeat

This was my day:

- eat a banana for breakfast
- start laundry
- go to Circuit City & Costco with spouse in giant crowds
- get VERY crabby
- eat a couple crackers with peanut butter at 130pm
- go to gym to destress
- come home eat a few cheese and crackers at 3pm
- resume speaking to spouse (where it was pointed out that perhaps I should have eaten more yesterday.)

Well, I wasn't hungry and kind of forgot to eat. Today I am making whole wheat Belgian waffles for breakfast. My husband wants pancakes but I think Belgian waffles will be better. I said I would make them if he brought all the laundry up from the basement. As I am typing, he is carrying laundry. (too bad I have to fold it later.)

(Yesterday we also did discover the reason why Circuit City is going out of business - we found the world's first slow motion cashier. If he was moving any slower, he would be standing still. I guess you could argue that he wasn't very motivated since he will be out of a job shortly but it definitely added to the 'pleasantness' of our visit.)

However today, I will eat three regular healthy meals. I also want to go snow shoeing. My husband thinks I shouldn't go snow shoeing because of my back. But snow shoeing doesn't make my back hurt any more than sitting, standing, or lying down does so I don't see why I shouldn't go. Besides, I want to get in shape for our trip in February. Last night, I actually slept relatively well but woke up once with my back hurting. You do realize I could go to the doctor and have them tell me absolutely nothing is wrong with me and it was a wasted trip and I am just getting the aches and pains of old age (and that I whine a lot).

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