Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day of change

Today is a day of change, out with the old president (see ya George) and in with the new. There has been just a tiny bit of news coverage on this. In case you missed it, all the regular tv shows will be preempted today so the world can watch the inauguration of our new president. I am attempting to see if I can record the swearing in and speech so I don't have to completely rearrange my day to watch it. We will then be able to watch it tonight - instead of watching coverage of the parties.

There has been lots of coverage on all of this but I think we overlook one key group of people. The movers for the Bushes and the Obamas. Apparently the Bushes have started moving out as early as last summer. (I guess they realized they needed to start packing early). But the Obamas have to be moved in today during the ceremony. And unpacked and the beds made and all that stuff before the kids have to go to bed. These people get lots of credit for doing this and missing all the festivities. There's a lot going on behind the scenes there we often forget about.

So yesterday I was wasting time on line (and avoiding shoveling but I did use the snow blower a little bit again) and found this exercise in complete futility. This isn't happening in our house. I can't think of anyone who will actually do this. Toilet training your cat. It says it can be done and start slowly. Start by moving your cat's litter box closer to the bathroom at the rate of an inch a day. Our cat's box is down in the far side of the basement - probably 45 feet away. An inch a day for 45 feet is 45*12 days, or more than a year's worth of days (and more math that I am going to try to do in my head this early in the day). I can think of many better things to do over the next year than move the cat's litter box an inch at a time.

Today I am going off to my favorite place - Lahey, the land of the OMWAHs. But I am going to a different department than I have been to before - this means a different waiting room with different nurses and different magazines, so maybe it won't feel like the same place. I have my doctor questions written down and printed out, as well as my medical history. I have been thinking up my doctor script all night and have some good ideas. Now let's see what happens in reality.

Yesterday I did go out and snow shoe. I found a new route around the local reservoir. I had never figured it out before (call me slow but I have lived in this town for 15 years) but our neighbors told me about it. It was very nice, bright sunny day, and lots of ducks. Which meant I should have brought my camera. Today I hope to get to the gym or out for a walk on the plowed bike path for a change after the doctor and before going to work.

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