Friday, January 2, 2009

Our president elect

This morning my six year old niece and I were talking about who is president. I asked her 'who is our next president?'. She replied 'Abraham Lincoln. No that's not right.' She thought about it and then remembered correctly. A smart kid.

Yesterday we ate entirely too much at my parent's house and had another Christmas dinner. Today we have to go sledding in the new snow we got the other day. I may not do much sledding due to my back but I will at least go for a walk. Then unfortunately we will probably eat too much again. We seem to do that when we all get together. At least I did sleep relatively well again last night. But this morning once again my back hurts.

See how exciting my life is? We have house guests and I am still boring. The cat on the other hand is very scared. He won't leave me alone. Maybe its because of the small children who want to shove toys in his face, pat him, and feed him constantly. He is a chicken.

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