Thursday, January 15, 2009

If I had a life

If I had a life, I would have inspiring things to write about. But I don't have a life evidently as I have nothing inspiring to write about. Today the highlights (lowlights?) of my day will be TV. First this morning I will watch Top Chef and see the latest episode that was on last night. Then tonight we will watch CSI as this is the episode where Grissom leaves the show. In between TV watching, I will go to work, work from home, and go to the gym (just like any other day of the week). See I have no life.

Otherwise, let's see. Its cold outside. 9.4 degrees this morning. Apparently that's as warm as it will get tomorrow. (You know you are grasping at straws when all you have to talk about is the weather.) We might get a little more snow today - nothing significant, just enough to be annoying. My back was reasonable yesterday - meaning it didn't hurt much. (Now that I have the specialist appointment, of course, its not going to hurt...)

Yesterday's big excitement was I went to the gym and drove there (its very close but it was cold out). I couldn't park there as it was too full and the pesky snow drifts were hogging too many parking places. So I ended up parking halfway home and walking back in the cold. Half an hour later I looked out the window and there were lots of parking spaces. Today, because of the heat wave, I will just go a little later and should have no problems parking.

See how boring I am - blogging about the weather and parking?

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