Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm developing a case of scanxiety

Scanxiety is a common condition among people with medical issues. It is often preceded and followed by doctor appointments. Scanxiety's symptoms include stress, whininess, crabbiness, and general grumpiness. It also includes the big fat fear of 'what if' as in 'what if the scan finds something else that's bad'.

My MRI is tomorrow night. Apparently a spine MRI is a relatively long one, maybe 45 minutes to one hour. I dislike MRIs because you have to lie still and not move for the entire length of the scan - and then your nose itches or something. And sometimes it includes an IV - but this time mine doesn't. But last time, the IV insertion was incredibly painful so maybe this one is making up for it. My MRI is late - starting at 1045pm. I think I will take a nap during it. I have done this before even though its loud.

Then I go back to the doctor Tuesday morning for the results. At least I don't have to wait for days for them. Then my scanxiety will be over - around 1030am Tuesday. But it could be followed by another case of scanxiety if more tests are needed or just general crankiness if I don't get the news I want to hear - which is just 'lots of physical therapy should solve all your pain issues'.

In the meantime, my house is getting cleaner, I am getting organized for our trip way early, and cooking a lot. These are common scanxiety reliefs. I am also going out to lunch today and meeting a friend for snow shoeing tomorrow.

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Rebecca said...

I found this post really interesting. My mother is in recovery from breast cancer and she would talk about the anxiety that accompanied her treatment schedule. Mom said her doctors put her on medication that doubled as an anti-anxiety treatment. I'm just curious if this is an option for most people?

I was able to document my mother's experience with breast cancer for the website I work for, called icyou. Please feel free to share her story with anyone you know who may benefit.

Thanks for this information. I will add your blog to our blog roll. All the best, Rebecca

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