Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrabble and back pain

Today I seem to be on the losing end of both. I have been totally trounced in scrabble three nights in a row. (I didn't play the cancer card or claim chemo brain but I did get all the crappy one point letters so I couldn't get any good words.) Also, after two nights of okay sleep the back pain has returned which means I woke up about 4 am.

I think I was successful in confusing my doctor. Sometimes its nice to be able to do this. I called the doctor on Wednesday to find out the results of my x-rays. Then she called me back with the results and said I should see a specialist also on Wednesday. But yesterday she called again and said she wasn't sure if I had called again or if she had already talked to me. She was confused. I did talk to her. I just need the referral.

Today I am totally unsure what we are doing. My brother is trying to plan but let's just say that nothing is planned yet. Yesterday we did go sledding and for a nice walk. (It was nice or too long depending on who you asked. My husband said too long. My niece and nephew said it was nice.) We also ate too much food again. Today we hope to eat less.

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