Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Plan of Attack

How to deal with the pain in my back? How about I listen to the doctor and actually do what he said? What a novel idea. He told me to take 3-4 Advil three times a day with meals (He might have said take 3 Advil 3-4 times a day but then it wouldn't be with meals. I have no brain but I am trying to remember and do what I am supposed to.) Anyway, yesterday I took three Advil with each meal. This is for its anti-inflammatory properties, not necessarily the pain relief properties but you would think if inflammation went away, some pain would too. So my back feels a little better. Not completely but some what.

I am going back to him next Tuesday for my confirmation appointment. It might be a good idea to at least appear to be a good patient and take the damn Advil between now and then (and hope I don't run out and have to break into the bottle of ibuprofen I have that expired in 1997 - I moved twice since then and for some reason brought it with me. I could go to Walgreens and get more too.) I think appearances are important and I should appear to be a good patient (but I am sure there are all sorts of secret doctor notes in my file about my crabbiness etc from all my previous medical interactions) as it looks like I will have multiple interactions with this back doctor. I assume he will confirm my spondy... spondi... spond... (damn, I have to learn to spell this) stress fracture and send me for physical therapy with a follow up in another month or two. Then may be more PT (but not big needles or surgery I hope) who knows? I'll have to be that patient patient again. Where's the damn miracle cure when you need it? That's right, they haven't found it yet.

This is also going to mess with my goal of ten doctor appointments this year. I already know of eight and PT hasn't even been scheduled. Grrr... Well, okay, 20 appointments would be acceptable. I guess I could deal with that.

So yesterday I worked from home and went to work. Then I went to my volunteer meeting (are volunteers suckers?). Actually it wasn't that bad. I will have a meeting or two a month, every month for about six months. Its for a worthy cause. American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I will handle publicity and marketing for the local relay which happens in June. Since I can't find another damn job I might as well fill my time with volunteer work. I also went to the gym and used the weight machines and walked on the treadmill. The doctor said I can do what I want and the pain could be caused by a weak abdominal core so I figured I might as well start trying to get back in shape even though I'll start PT. It doesn't hurt to do the weight machines so I guess I am allowed (see there I am listening to the doctor's advice again!)

Today its work from home and go to work. And do volunteer work. And have the cat annoy me. All the same. I will go snow shoeing. Or maybe a walk outside. I can't decide. Need more coffee first.

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