Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wasting time on line

I admit I spend some time (no, well, maybe a fair amount of time) on facebook. It is a giant time suck, I admit. But I get to reconnect with all my college friends and we have fun. But I am not on it all the time, just some of the time. However then some one with a lot more time to waste than me, wrote up a wiki about how NOT to waste time on facebook. Which is a bigger time waste? Wasting time on facebook or writing about wasting time on facebook? I think the latter. Then there is the argument of writing about writing about wasting time on facebook - I guess that could be considered a real time waster.

There are many other good websites for wasting time on line. and are two others I can quickly name. Has anyone written about how not to waste time on those sites? No, not to my knowledge. So my earlier argument holds that the person who wrote about wasting time on facebook is the real time waster.

Anyway, here's a semi-creepy occurrence. I keep a list on my computer of things that are wrong with me... Its about 1.5 pages long and ends with a list of medications I am on and medical allergies I have. It does not have my name on it anywhere. I keep it updated and print it out to give to doctors so they can read the Cliff Notes version before delving into my giant medical file. I also go to the library regularly.

The other day in the mail, I received back from the library my printed medical list that I must have left in a book at some point. They must have actually gone back to their records and figured out who had checked the book out and mailed it back to me. Big Brother must have been involved somehow. Just a little creepy since my name wasn't on it. (And now its out of date so I have to reprint it before my Tuesday doctor appointment anyway.)

Speaking of my Tuesday doctor appointment with the back specialist, I did consider canceling it as my back has been behaving and not causing pain. But last night it was most uncooperative and kept me up since about 230 this morning. (Crabbiness alert for later today.) So I think it is a good thing I did not cancel it.

Today is another 'brisk' day. It is still in single digits. I hope it warms up so I can go for a walk outside later on. But it needs to hit 20 degrees for that to happen.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was really thoughtful of your local library staff to send your medical list back to you. I'm sure someone took a look at the list and might not have known it wasn't your only copy and thought you might have real need of it.

I guess it's a bit creepy to consider that someone you didn't intend to have so much information about you got a look at it anyway, but 1. I doubt that the average library staffer would completely understand all the medical terminology, or retain it in their minds for any length of time, and 2. be careful with your stuff :) good idea not to have your name on the list as a rule for privacy reasons ....

I have been reading your blog for a few months and enjoy it very much.

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