Thursday, January 8, 2009

Having no memory

Chemo brain means having no memory - short term or long term. It is now my excuse for forgetting just about anything. Sorry if you think I over use it but I am going to use it.
However now my phone has lots its memory. The sim card died. This means every single phone number that was programmed in is now gone! I have to find them all again and start programming. WHAT A PAIN!!! But it does give me something to do between job hunting, being sick, working, and going to the gym.

Speaking of memory, yesterday was a rainy/snowy/yucky day. I decided not to go outside for a walk (because that would be a really bad idea since I have a cold). Instead, I decided to take my cold germs to the gym (so I could share them). However I have no brain so I got there with out my sneakers. I ended up riding a stationary bikes, pedaling in my socks. I looked at my sneakers before I went out the door and just forgot to pick them up.

Sharing is an important thing to do. I have now also shared my cold germs with my husband. This makes him crabby. Perhaps he will just go back to bed or something. I actually do have a busy day. I need to do the work I didn't do yesterday as well as go to the gym and go to work. I also hope to fit in watching Top Chef. The new episode was on last night and is on again today at 11. I hope to watch it then.

Otherwise another normal boring day. My back hurts. My cold is still here. So exciting.

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