Friday, January 30, 2009

I Think Technology is Winning

A few weeks ago a friend sent a bunch of us an email. I got my other friends' reply to it before I received the original one. Last week, another friend sent an email, which I never received. Then just the other day, another friend sent me an email that showed up a couple of hours later. Even though other emails she sent me arrived in a timely manner. What does this tell me? Either there is a giant conspiracy against me and I need to develop a massive insecurity complex so I can deal with it? Or technology simply surpasses my understanding? Or there are some really slow servers out there? Or that the email is no greater a means of communication than a phone message or a fax - where you never really are sure they get there but assume they make it?

Personally, I think I shall develop the insecurity complex for now. Its better than thinking about health issues and back pain which kept me up most of last night. The back pain kept me up, not thinking about health issues. Eventually I gave up and took a pill. I am trying not to take the pills every day. However in the interest of crabbiness prevention and marriage preservation, I do take them when I can't sleep.

However the question of the day? Does this little Lego man in any way resemble the former governor of IL? Please note the hair style similarity. I read this somewhere online in the media coverage of the impeachment circus that the hairstyles are very similar. I do have to agree.

Anyway, in addition to developing an insecurity complex, I have been busy because I overscheduled myself. Yesterday I met a friend for coffee, met another friend for a walk, and went to work. Today I am doing work from home, getting a manicure, meeting another friend for coffee, going for a walk, doing more work from home, and then going to work. (I need a vacation!) This is getting stressful. In case you were concerned, this is what I get for coffee where ever I go: a medium or large decaf with skim milk. I don't use the fancy names, even at the trendy coffee chains, I just order a decaf in medium or large. I do admit to adding nutmeg and cinnamon to my coffee once in a while but have successfully ended my previous addiction to lattes.

Yesterday I finally set up my physical therapy. I will begin a week from Monday, the day after we return from our snow shoeing adventure in the Adirondacks. I am sure I will have lots of aches and pains (and general whininess) t share with the physical therapist. In the meantime, I will just be patient for another week before it starts. Actually I was thinking about it. I called the doctor on December 22 while I was away. They fit me in on the 30th. I couldn't get in sooner because we were away. I saw the specialist on the 20th. They offered to have me come in and see the nurse practitioner earlier but I opted to wait to see the doctor. Then I had an MRI on the 26th and a follow up on the 27th and physical therapy begins Feb 9th. That's not that bad a time frame because I opted for the delays. However, I am still working on being a patient patient. Someday perhaps I will perfect this but in the meantime I can be crabby and whiny.

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