Friday, February 5, 2010

Belated World Cancer Day

Yesterday was World Cancer Day. It was also probably also save the penguins day and eat broccoli day. I'm just slow sometimes. I do know today is national wear red day to raise awareness for heart disease. I'll wear a red sweater if I have one that's clean... I'm not a big fan of these awareness things because I am not sure how much they really do. But I did find the article I saw yesterday that 40% of cancers worldwide are preventable through behaviors. Reduce sun exposure, drink less alcohol and stop tobacco use are the three key steps. So why me? I never was a sun person, I don't drink tons, and I never smoked a lot. They don't know what causes all cancers. They are saying this to focus on the causes they know.

Today I am launching the reduce my stress level campaign. Allow me to summarize my week: friend died, another friend's husband has stage IV cancer, awful work situation, fell and jolted back and wrist and knee, etc, facing possible ankle surgery, husband not healing well and facing additional procedure in a few weeks, father fell and broke his leg, and its only Friday so I am not prepared for much more. I resolved the stressful job situation by leaving it as I have tried for several weeks to resolve it with no success. I don't need to have the level of stress in my life so I chose not to work there any more.

My stress level is off the charts with everything I have going on and I am looking to reduce it as much as possible. There is no reason other's problems need to be mine. Except when others medical issues loom.

My husband just asked me to promise not to fall again today. I will try. By the way, the doctor wasn't surprised with my ankle that I did fall a few times recently. So off I go for a day of work today. I will try not to fall and hope I can destress a bit.

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