Sunday, February 21, 2010

The little discussions

The ones you have with yourself. Daily. Come on people admit it, you always have those little discussions. 'Did I take my pills this morning/afternoon/evening?' is the most common one. I do this one daily. I have two pill boxes that I have to remember to access multiple times throughout the day and then forget half the time if I did or not and go back and check to see if I remembered previously and then amaze myself at the frequency of my forgetfulness which is counterbalanced by the obsessive feeling that I had checked five times already. I do my best but if I was separated from my pill boxes at this point I would be doomed but they do solve my problem.

However, I have another series of little discussions daily. Did I do my damn exercises? I have PT exercises for my back that I do once a day and then for my ankle to do twice a day. These are also supposed to be done basically 12 hours a part so its not like I should do them once in the afternoon after forgetting in the morning and then two hours later in the evening and be okay. So yesterday I spent the day trying to remember if I did them. There is no little pill box to go check. I supposed I could write them down when I do them but then that becomes another level of remembering - I could do the exercises and forget to write them down and where would I be there? Same problem, just an added parameter.

Yesterday I know I did my ankle exercises at least once. I could have done them the requisite two times but cant be totally sure. I am pretty sure that I did my back exercises.

So today my goal is to take my second set of pills in a few minutes and then I can have some breakfast. Then I will do my ankle exercises and possibly my back exercises but I may save them for later. At lunch time is more pills and probably a walk this afternoon. Dinner time is more pills and ankle exercises. Bed time is one last pill and I am done for the day. Tomorrow more of the same. Then the days seem to blur together... And I cant remember and have the little discussions with myself.


WhiteStone said...

While on chemo I made a long check-list...I was on so many meds, both prescribed and supplements. Before I took one, I checked it off the list. It was the only way I could be certain I had taken them. Thankfully I am now down to 3 meds. Much easier. Plus my chemo brain has mostly disappeared by now.

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