Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are what we eat

I did some reading again. I try to limit myself to trashy novels, the daily newspaper (especially the comics) and the closed captioning on the TV at the gym but sometimes I do expand to news sources and the internet...

So I learned a few new things. First of all if you have pain, there is a good chance that the new fancy drugs, aren't going to help you. Gee thanks. I do take one of those and thought it was helping. Well at this point I am going to keep taking it for now.

Then I read that people in pain such as fibromyalgia (which I have not been told I have but believe that some of my pains in my back are referred neurological pain because it is treated that way) should change their diets and avoid all sorts of different things and eat other things.

I learned that the majority of American's are closet eaters - and hide what we are eating from our families and friends. (I admit to the plate of triscuits with a little cheddar cheese on them in the microwave for 20 seconds until the cheese melts as a meal substitute when my husband isn't home.) But we skip the chocolates and ice cream for the most part.

And then the ever popular advice for healthy living after breast cancer. I am working on that. I do all the things that this article tells you to do but I don't feel too healthy these days.

Finally, bitter melon has been shown to kill breast cancer cells. But its not proven, only tested a lab so it doesn't mean squat at this point. And is bitter melon in one of the categories of foods to avoid??? What is bitter melon anyway? Now I am really confused. I think its time to stop reading and go back to the Sunday comics.

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