Monday, February 15, 2010

Not a profound thought in my head

Now some of you (my husband included) might argue that this is a regular occurrence and nothing new at all. Others might wonder, why I am attempting to write without a profound thought. But let me just say that life is not all about profound thoughts, spontaneity and small ideas get most of us through the day no problem. As a final note, do you remember the show 'Seinfeld'? It was about nothing. My life probably isn't as exciting as theirs on TV but it just reinforces my point that life is about nothing. Also, if I take time to come up with a profound thought, I will be late for work.

Today is President's Day, while I am still admiring the lovely roses my husband gave to me for Valentine's, I don't expect any more roses just because it is yet another holiday. (Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and I don't expect any more then either.) I had planned to take the day off from work and spend it together but my husband said he needs to go into work for a bit and there seems to be yet another pesky snow storm scheduled for tomorrow (and I don't drive to work in snow storms any more), I have changed plans and will go today. I hope to work for 3-4 hours and then come home.

This week is not too exciting. I have a dentist appointment - rescheduled from when I had a sore throat in January. I also see my therapist (conveniently scheduled during the anticipated snow storm). I have lots to do for work from home this week and just need to motivate myself. This means focusing on work for several hours tomorrow while it snows and rains outside.

Otherwise, we are both hanging in there. Walter goes back to the doctor next week and hopefully things will go well. My father continues to get better. The cat seems to be doing okay - if you can call begging for food normal - and goes for an ultrasound next week after which we will know more. But see a blog about nothing. And you read it. Now I'm off to work.

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rygestop said...

Jeg har nu holdt op med at ryge efter at have prøvet længe og jeg har en så meget bedre hverdag nu, jeg røg 40 om dagen og gik ned til 4 og efter 2 uger ryger jeg slet ikke mere


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