Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Profound thought for the day: Cancer sucks

Yesterday was further reinforcement of how cancer really is a sucky disease. A friend of mine died yesterday from breast cancer. She is the one I visited a few weeks ago. She has a seven year old and is a few years younger than me. She had triple negative breast cancer four years ago and a recurrence two years ago and has been on chemo ever since. She was in pain and on oxygen when I saw her. But perky and appreciated the take out Thai food we brought. I called her last week and we spoke briefly and I hoped to get over and see her this week. I am going to her funeral instead.

Also yesterday a friend emailed me who I have been out of touch with since before the holidays because of Walter's medical issues. Her husband has what looks like late stage colon cancer. They don't have a final diagnosis yet and no surgery so far. But things aren't looking so good.

To top it off, crabby co-workers that are unreasonable to deal with just need to grow up and get over it and get with the program. Hint: The world does not revolve around you and other people (i.e. our boss) makes decisions and changes things in rational manners to which you just need to adapt. Anyway, life is too short to deal with stupid people.

Walter also isn't feeling so well. He actually called the doctor and got his appointment moved up to tomorrow afternoon.

So ended a relatively horrible day. This morning I am up early so I can go to work for a few hours. Then off to my therapist - which I might need after yesterday. Back home for a few hours and then to my support group that I haven't been to in months and then a hair cut. Finally back home for dinner. I might even get to go for a walk somewhere in there.

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