Monday, February 8, 2010

I really am working on this stress reduction thing

Yesterday was the first day of my planned stress reduction life style. I did some cooking in the late morning and then went for a walk. I spent the afternoon on the couch watching TV and went to bed early because I was tired. I remembered to take all my pills and found a balance board that I can use to strengthen my ankle that I am going to pick up today.

Okay, now here's the real story. I did some cooking because I had vegetables (sweet potatoes and butternut squash) that were about to go bad so I cooked them up and threw them in the freezer to be used over the next few weeks. I also roasted some red peppers for pizza topping and another batch of hummus that I'll make this morning.

Then my day went down hill. I conned Walter into going for a little walk with me. He turned back after a little bit and I continued with the intention of walking through the nearby conservation land as I haven't been back there for a few weeks. Well, there was some ice. And some melting. Meaning water on the ice. So there was a little slip and fall. Again. I'm fine. But I did spend the afternoon lying on the couch with an ice pack on my ankle and I took a pain pill. And I took a second one before bed.

I am relaxed this morning because of the pills which resulted in a good night's sleep. I also don't seem to have too many fall related aches and pains. But I promise not to walk on ice today. Yesterday my husband said to me 'promise me you won't fall today'. I'll try to stick with that one today.

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Ellen said...

Stress reduction sometimes causes more stress! I feel so stressed out because I feel stressed causing me more stress! I think I need a yoga class, maybe they can teach me the fine art of reducing stress!

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