Friday, February 19, 2010

Wrapping up the week

Monday I didn't have a profound thought in my head. Today doesn't appear to be much different. I spent the week relatively busy and productive. I didn't have a lot going on medically. No news yet on my ultrasound - I think I'll call today for results. My left arm has been giving me some problems and I am going to see someone Monday to see what's going on. It might just be nothing. Which would be nice for once. It appears that every time something starts to go right with my body, something else starts to act up.

Next week is Walter's fun adventures. He gets a CT scan and his scar stretched out. I hope this clears everything up and the CT scan is clean. We need a little break from medical stuff.

However, on Monday is the cat's ultrasound (he can't be left out of our medical disasters). This could be more bad news. He had diabetes and it went away - yes really. But now they want to know if there is anything going on with his pancreas (a/k/a a 'mass' - and we are too familiar with that scenario) which would cause this reversal and his continued weight loss (even though he eats like a pig - and makes little grunting noises as he eats). We will see what happens but he is not a surgery candidate and I don't think we could deal with chemotherapy for a cat. He's 15 and seems happy so we'll just wait and see what's going on.

But in the meantime, its Friday and I'll deal with all that next week.

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