Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The benefits of exercise - BLAH!

They talk about the benefits of exercise. I joined an exercise class to make me feel better. I do feel better. But I still have all sorts of back pain. In fact I have new areas of pain in my back, and hips, and shoulders, and legs. So much for this exercise class.

Okay I don't think that its been all bad. Its not that I can touch my toes again - I can't - but its not part of the class. I don't have to touch my toes. In some ways I feel better but I want the magic class to make everything stop hurting. So much for exercise. BLAH!

Enough whining, for now. I'm sure I'll have something to whine about in the future (and I won't ask for corroboration from my husband on that). My back still hurts.

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