Saturday, December 11, 2010

Part 3 of my VERY long day

Yesterday, I was supposed to be smart and stay home and work quietly and recover from my VERY long day. I was STUPID (worthy of capitals - and that was after I was a MORON because I forgot to pay the mortgage which I immediately rectified) because I didn't do what I was supposed to do.

In the morning, I decided that since I had finished stamping the latest newsletter from my nonprofit job, I could put all 1700 of them in their 3 boxes on a two wheeled cart and get them into the car to drive them to the post office and then out of the car and into the post office. That wasn't so bad as I lightened the boxes by taking some newsletters out when I had to lift them in and out of the car and was not above dragging them.

Next I decided that with my abundance of healthy feelings I was in good shape to go to Costco for one last time before the holidays (so I wouldn't be forced to go to the grocery store to buy things at retail prices). I made a point not to get anything heavy. I meant to put on my wrist brace before leaving.

However, there was the wrestling match with the toilet paper. (Yes, in public.) I needed to buy TP and this means at Costco or other warehouses you get the giant 24 rolls in a big plastic wrapped bundle. First round, I tried to fit it on the rack under the carriage and it only sort of fit, even when assisted by my foot. Second round, I had to pull the stupid TP bundle back out to put in the giant bundle of paper towels behind it. Again, I had to assist with my foot and it still didn't really fit but seemed wedge. Third round, the damn TP bundle fell out in the middle of the cheese department. I gave up and threw it into the main part of the cart. Fourth round, I decided not to purchase the gift basket I had in my cart, under the *()&^^%% TP bundle so I pulled it out and got the gift basket out and then threw the DAMN bundle back in. Fifth round, I had to wrestle the (*&^%%^ bundle onto the counter at the checkout. Sixth round, into the back seat of the car where the *)&*(&*^^% thing stayed until my husband got home from work. (I should have gone to the grocery store and purchased individual rolls but no I am cheap.)

As a result, my back hurt, my left lymphedema arm hurt, and my right tennis elbow hurt. My husband cooked dinner - including making brownies. Today, I can't pick up my coffee with my right hand again.

On Tuesday I shall have to admit to my physical therapist that I lost the battle of the toilet paper.

Yesterday I also talked to the lymphedema people yesterday to find out that my rash from the compression sleeve should be treated with hydrocortisone (which it is) and if it does not get better soon I should call my primary care or go to the walk in clinic or even the ER if needed. That was not the message I wanted to hear. (I will not go to the ER unless there is dripping blood in significant quantities.) In the meantime, I will try wearing my lymphedema sleeve inside out so I don't continue to irritate the (DAMN) rash.

Today, I am meeting friends for a walk and will not carry anything heavier than my water bottle.

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