Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We are what we eat

I care about what I put in my body. I prefer my own cooking because I know where my food comes from and can limit the amount of salt and oils that go in my food. I prefer to shop locally - from farmers markets, CSA's and farm stands. I do use the local grocery stores but am picky. I do not buy produce and eggs in the grocery store unless it is an emergency. (Its hard to have a vegetable emergency I know but sometimes they do happen.)

I have concerns with the food supply regarding produce, poultry and dairy products. I don't like the idea of factory farms. I don't like the idea of farmed fish. I really don't like the idea of farmed fish or factory farmed meat from outside the US. How clean is the water the farmed seafood was in a Third World country who has water supply problems and is used as a dumping area by factories who face no regulations in regards to toxic waste? I don't know.

I prefer to get my food as close to home as possible. If I really want to I can go visit the live chickens at the local farm stand before purchasing them for dinner. I liked that idea when I was 5. Now I have decided they are too cute to eat so I skip that step and just eat them.

I was concerned that the food safety bill might not pass and was pleased to see that it did pass yesterday. The previous regulations dated from 1938 which was before the import of vast quantities of preserved and fresh foods. The world has changed and the regulations need to change as well. Some can argue that this gives the government too much power but please explain that to the people who died last year from salmonella and e.coli contaminated food.

What I like about the bill is:
- it makes it easier to find out where the contaminated food originated. I didn't understand why it would takes weeks to figure out where the spinach was grown that was contaminated.
- it empowers the FDA to pull food from the shelves without waiting for the manufacturer to voluntarily recall it.
- it ensures that imported food meet US safety guidelines. Why are we eating food from a country where we are told not to drink the water because it is not safe?

There is a lot more in the bill but this is what I like about it. It may mean more control but I think I like these parts.


Dee said...

My family is gradually going the way of farmer's market's, CSA's, etc. This year, we are sharing a weekly veggie box from a local organic farm with a couple of my friends. I think my family would do more to support local food movements if we could afford it. Unfortunately, with government subsidies, those big factory farms mass produce foods that end up being harmful to our health. Have you read Anticancer: A New Way of Life? I think you might like it. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for posting this about the food safety bill!

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