Monday, December 6, 2010

Trying something new

I am trying something new in the unending fight to lose weight, feel (and look) younger, hurt less, and just be darn better. I joined my exercise program, a/k/a the Pink Program. I whined about it a few weeks ago when I had homework that I didn't do.

Now that I am a few weeks into it I feel better. I am hesitant to say much about how much better I feel so as not to jinx myself. I am definitely more flexible. I feel less stiff. This is good. Now if only the scale would go in the right direction a little faster I would be even happier.

One of the biggest advances I have felt is my back is having few flare ups of pain, until yesterday where it was VERY bad. I was in my pajamas and pink fuzzy slipper socks by 530 pm. That felt good. But every fifteen minutes or so I needed a mini massage by my husband. But I have drugs for that.

My tennis elbow is a bit better but I can tell you about repetitive strain in my life - chopping vegetables. This could tamper with my husband's eating habits. He might even have to help cook more often. But it should go away. I have too many other things that won't go away.

If I have to do the exercises from the Pink Program every day for the rest of my life to feel better I will. I was already doing lymphedema and back pain exercises but the PP exercises seem to be taking care of those areas in terms of resolving pain. But I still need to take all my (damn) pills. And go for walks.

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