Saturday, December 25, 2010

A conundrum: organic doesn't equal healthy.

Organic doesn't mean healthy. Why are we buying organic food if it isn't healthy? Because its healthier. Regular food which is processed can contain pesticides or hormones or bad fats or other things that aren't very good to eat, or ones that we wouldn't assume are in it.

Why is there sugar in your peanut butter? Why is there corn syrup in your salad dressing? Why are there hormones in your meat, cheese, and milk? Because food manufacturers discovered ways to get things to market faster or to make them taste better by ladening them with salt.

If we go over to the organic section, you might find food that is natural and not full of sugar, fats, chemicals, etc. But its full of what it was meant to contain. A root vegetable is full of natural sugars. If you roast some, they will have a natural sweetness from the natural sugar. Organic potato chips which are made from organic potatoes and fried in organic oils are still full of fats. The bad kinds.

If you want to eat healthy, go to the organic section and read the label. The label is still the most important part. Look at the ingredients, the calories, the fat, the cholesterol, the sodium. Organic foods can be just as bad for you as regular food, minus the chemicals and hormones.

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skin lotion said...

well, at least organic is healthier. and in my opinion, it is almost always more tasty as well. especially fruits and vegetables.

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