Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dying, death, and dignity

In case you missed it, the latest overblown, over hyped, news story is that Elizabeth Edwards has ended treatment and is surrounded by family at home with no further treatment available. I don't understand why people feel the need to rehash this and comment, and discuss, and reanalyze her whole life including her husband's political career and infidelity. Please leave her alone and let her die with dignity, on her own terms. Her wishes must be respected at this time.

When it is my turn (in the very far future), by then I will have written out what I want so no one can overstep them. You can be sure it will include lots of privacy and dignity and painlessness. It will include those who I choose - but definitely my husband. It is my dream that we will play scrabble together, tell jokes, and laugh until the end surrounded by flowers. But it will also include dignity.

There is nothing more dignified than death. We will all get there sometime. It is not a time for questions that cannot be answered. It is not a time to think of regrets. Let those at the end of their life have the dignity.


By A. and S. said...

Agreed 100%.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth lived a public life, and issued a press release just before her death. As far as I am concerned, that press release was permission to talk about it. And, I'll take if for the gift it is.

There are a lot of us struggling with cheating spouses, and I am one of them.

The news stories about Mr. Edwards function in our society as a entry-point for discussion and gateway to learning for many, many people about infidelity, it's origins, consequences, and sometimes, sometimes how to repair it.

Mrs. Edwards was a public person, and she was well aware of this effect. That press release was her last public service..

God bless her, and God help her children.


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