Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Face it they were stupid

One year ago there was a lot of hoohah about mammograms not needed for women in their 40's. (Hoohah is a highly technical term for a too much media coverage upsetting a lot of people.) It was then that the morons (and I use the term loosely) said that mammograms were not needed until age 50.

Well, in the year since, we have learned that they were wrong. But there are still some sore feelings. Women feel misled and confused. Will my insurance cover the screenings? This was one of the many questions asked.

It now shows that these people who came up with this statement were stupid. They didn't explain clearly and by the time they went back to clarify it was too late. They were stupid.

In the meantime, we have learned not to believe everything you read or hear. And that just because one study tells us one thing, it doesn't mean it was correct.

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