Friday, December 10, 2010

Recovering from a VERY long day

Last night I returned home about 9 pm with back and hip pains, exhausted. I had PT in the morning and got to work. It was extremely busy there as many colleagues were in software training but I was relatively productive. Then I went to a small holiday party and had a good time. Finally when I got home, I took a pain pill and slept all night.

Today I will take it easy and work from home and go to my pain support group for another small holiday party. The question - should I make brownies or not to bring with me. It will be a recovery day. That is my problem now I have to take it easy for the day - the price I pay for a long day.

I am okay but very achy this morning. I took my thyroid pill and will wait until its been an hour so I can take a pain pill - I can tell this will be my requirement for the day. I think the cat will be happy because I will be home and he will follow me around and snuggle. Think of him as a mobile heating pad.

And I have to call the damn lymphedema clinic today. Last week the lymphedema therapist told me because of my tennis elbow on my right, I should wear my sleeve on my left as I am probably using it more to compensate. And I got a stupid rash from my sleeve!!!! Grr!!!!! Rashes on lymphedema arms are kind of serious... Triple grr!!!
Okay, I am done whining. I am not profound this morning as I am tired.

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