Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hospital amenities

What is really important when you go to the doctor or are hospitalized? We want smart medical professionals who are up to date on all the latest research provide the latest standard of care. Sure, yep. That's it.

NNNNNOOOOO! Well that's part of it. But we also want waiting rooms which are comfy, provide something to read or a TV to watch, and provide ample seating so you never have to sit next to someone who has offensive body odor or cant stop telling you about their medical ailment.

When waiting to be seen by a medical professional, a room with a door that closes, as opposed to one of those curtain things that don't go to the floor is nice. A chair to sit in instead of perching on the end of the exam table is good as well. Maybe a magazine or two. And a diagram of inside portion of the body part that will be inspected so you can pretend you know what is wrong with you.

As an inpatient, we want single rooms, with a bathroom and shower that you don't have to share. Edible food, TV, Internet, privacy, quiet, and other amenities. I mean a queen size bed would be nice but I don't think those will show up in hospitals anytime soon. A window with a view would be a nice touch as well.

Hospitals are finally figuring this out. The problem is insurance and medical care pay for the procedures and medical professionals' time. They don't pay for interior decorating. But if patients would prefer to be treated in a nicer environment than one with cinder block walls and a cement floor, they can increase their volume and cover the costs easier.

Me. I go to a hospital that is a teaching hospital and only has private rooms with your own bathroom and shower. You wouldn't catch me going anywhere else.

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