Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow and winter and cancer

It snowing out. It snowed all night. It snowed since yesterday afternoon. It is supposed to keep snowing for a few more hours. Our street was just plowed. We couldn't tell where the yard ended and the street began. I now have to wait until my husband starts shoveling and using the snow blower. I can't shovel. I can't use the snow blower. Bummer.

No its not a bummer. I will stay inside where its warm and get some work done. Its pretty to look at but I'll just stay here and hang out with the cat.

Between my tennis elbow, lymphedema arm, and bad back, I'm not going anywhere until the snow removal process is complete. I had actually planned a work at home day today so this fits in just fine. My husband's office (USAF) said non essential civilian employees did not need to report so he is happy to stay here with me and the cat.

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