Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That common New Year's Resolution

I think its the most common New Year's resolution in the country - losing weight. I have actually heard that most resolutions are broken in the first half of January. But I resolve this year to eat even healthier than I have been. Yes this is possible. I do admit to eating white flour and sugar still. But I try to save them for special meals. We usually do not have dessert.

If you believe CNN, the latest diet is the Back to Basics Diet. This means whole grains, vegetables, fruits and not as much processed food. I can do this.

Here are a few diet tips that I think are unrealistic:
- Eat out more. If you are someone who nibbles while you cook, you should eat out more often. That makes sense. Skip home cooking and eat out where meals are full of salt and oils and portions are out of control.
- The Grapefruit (or any other single food) diet. If you are only eating one thing, as soon as you stop, you will gain that weight back.
- Name the plan that makes you eat their packaged food. Your diet will only last as long as you eat their food. So when you go broke eating their food, you will get fat again. You will end up fat and broke. Also, their tiny little food portions are often full of soy for protein which isn't good for some of us with hormone positive breast cancer.

I think the best way to lose weight is a combination of Weight Watchers which teaches portion control and the Back to Basics where you skip the processed food. Maybe if I did this, I could lose some (damn) weight.


nancy said...

Yes, here we go again with that all too common to most of us resolution to lose weight. This year I intend to aim for health. I agree WW plan is pretty good and one must must must move more. I always start gaining weight if I get lax on the exercise component.

Cynthia said...

Hi Caroline,

I recently purchased the Pink Ribbon Diet by Mary Flynn, RD and Nancy Verde Barr. It is built around the Mediterranean Diet, so lots of vegetables and whole grains, olive oil and fruit. I'll post about it on my site as I try the recipes out. I wish you luck on your resolution!

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