Saturday, June 25, 2011

But its scary!

In the UK, more people find cancer scarier than unemployment, knife crime or debt. Well obviously, they are a bunch of underprivileged people who have not been lucky enough to have cancer.

I have had cancer twice, but I've been laid off four times. We have a giant mortgage so that counts as debt. I have never been the victim of a knife crime (ouch) and I'm happy to stay that way.

So is it fear of the unknown? The curse of the C-word? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger?

Last weekend I was at a booth at a local council on aging event for taking care of elderly parents for the cancer support center where I work. I found it pretty humorous when the octogenarians would stop by the booth and find out that we provide support services for those with cancer. Some stopped to learn more and others would say 'no, I don't have THAT' and keep moving along on their walkers. They were very happy to say they didn't need our services.

Its a matter of perception I think. I mean what could a doctor tell me now that is so scary? I have been told twice 'you have cancer'. What else can they tell me that's scarier? I know there are other diseases out there without cures that I am happy to skip. But they are running out of bad news to tell me.

I think I find unemployment, debt and knife crimes just as scary as anyone else.


lisae said...

As I llive in the U.S., with my health insurance tied to my employment, I find unemployment more scarey than cancer. Of course, tjhat was before I was dx with cancer.

Dominic said...

Hi, I found your site whilst researching cancer cues for a friend. I am hoping he will try a combination of Gerson Therapy, The Hoxley Therapy and Rick Simpson's Oil. I think if you research these names you will find new hope for treating cancer.

There are films below explaining all three. I don't want to deluge you with information you can easily find yourself.

I am not an expert on Hoxley's herbs yet and there might be one or two your doctor suggests you leave out but overall these treatments are non toxic (actually they are detoxifying) and will not clash with the drugs your doctors might prescribe.

The last film about Burzynski is new to me and I have not researched if the treatment is available in this country but it is worth showing those who might tell you that you should ONLY believe in the drugs companies and their products.

Sorry if the treatments will make mealtimes boring and sorry if the films will make the world seem a more evil greedy place. I hope I am right and combining these treatments might help my friend and you.

Wishing you a long and happy life Dominic £:¬)

ButDoctorIHatePink said...

I'll tell you what you can hear that is scarier, Carolyn. How about, "You have Stage IV, metastatic breast cancer?" I was pretty relaxed about cancer until I heard those words too. I hope you never hear it!

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