Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep your nose out of my prescriptions

Recently I blogged about how pharmaceutical companies use prescription records to better market their drugs to doctors. I don't like that idea.

Up in that logically thinking state of Vermont, they enacted a law in 2009 to prevent this. It was just voted down because it violates the freedom of speech rights of the data mining and pharmaceutical companies. Excuse me, what freedom of speech rights are involved in obtaining data on prescription records? And what about my rights to privacy? I don't think that just because they encrypt the patient's name that does that much.

I think if the companies involved are allowed to use this data, patients should be given the right to opt out of allowing their data to be used. Just like the Do Not Call registry allows us to block unwanted phone calls, we should be allowed block companies from our data.

Now, speaking to the big companies directly, "I am taking your damn prescription medications because my doctor thinks they are right for my (multitudinous) ailments. I don't want my doctor to change my medications because of your marketing. Every time one prescription is changed, my other ones have to be reevaluated to avoid interactions and incompatible combinations. I don't care if you are trying to improve your bottom line, I am trying to get better. So BUTT OUT! Thank you."


Stephania Andrade said...

I couldn't agree more. It does scare me that marketing will make its way into determining what medicine would be "best" to sell rather than the healthier choice your doctor already made. Right?

ButDoctorIHatePink said...

Yes, and each time my phone rings, I remember how well the do not call registry works.

Medical information should be private, name redacted or not. But, I fear there is no such thing as privacy anymore and we should get used to that.

Colon cancer symptoms said...

Lol @ medical marketing.
Quite frankly I think its appalling that they would even consider using data to increase their profits. The fact of the matter is sick individuals are not in short supply, so if they wish to make more money(as we all do) how about they concentrate on producing better drugs. Then they can shut down their marketing departments.

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