Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another medical adventure

I hate medical adventure. Today's medical adventure does not sound exciting at all. They are going to stick a needle under my knee cap - and its the first of three. One person told me it was awful. Another person told me the first one she had was awful and then she had the series done later by someone else who was very good and it didn't hurt at all. I am hoping for this.

I dislike needles to start with. I dislike medical adventures. I don't want to go to the hospital (again). I just had ten days with out a medical appointment - some kind of miracle. Today I have PT and then my medical adventure. Saturday I am having an Echocardiogram - another medical adventure. Monday I have PT, Tuesday I see my therapist, Wednesday I have PT, see my primary care for the rest of my annual physical (who knew a physical could take two visits to complete - perhaps I have health issues), and another needle in my knee. The following week I have PT on Monday and Wednesday, another doctor appointment about heart/blood pressure issues, and the last needle under the knee cap. That is 12 (yes, twelve) appointments between now and the 15th. Do I get a frequent patient discount? No.

I am being whiny. I am allowed to be whiny. What are the chances all these appointments won't result in more appointments? Zip. I already have more appointments after those but I don't even know when they are because the hospital appointment sheets only cover 10 appointments. I will suck it up and print out my list of medications and go off to my appointments. Maybe I can get caught up on my reading as I sit around in waiting rooms.

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