Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old friends

Recently I have been catching up with high school friends on Facebook (that evil time suck). Some one posted that a former classmate had died of breast cancer in March. Then another posted that another had passed away last fall. I asked how/when and one classmate told me what she had heard and another classmate told me he died of AIDS. I replied to him that AIDS and cancer aren't picky about who they pick. It turns out he is a 12 year volunteer with ACS' Relay For Life. It was only then that I told him about my fun cancer adventures.

A few months ago I reconnected with another high school friend. It turns out he successfully battled testicular cancer ten years ago and is now fine. After he told me that, then I told him about my adventures.

Yesterday I went to a party where there were some friends I hadn't seen in more than ten years. I didn't talk about my health because I didn't want to spend the afternoon talking about it. I preferred to talk about other topics. Then the conversation took a turn on to that health topic. I still didn't say anything. I just didn't feel like it. I felt it was irrelevant to talk about my medical adventures.

Why? Back when I saw the people at the party on a daily basis, I would have opened up a long time ago as they were one's who knew me. They knew about my health issues then. But now? I don't know. Did time pull us too far apart? I'm not sure, I promised to email some and stay in touch. We'll see.

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JUSTV1988 said...

Take a listen to this podcast - Dr. Kathleen Ruddy was interviewed about the breast cancer vaccine. It is very interesting; she also discusses the Lobby Me Pink app, which allows you to e-mail your lawmakers!

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