Monday, June 27, 2011


When I started to go to the fancy gym, other than the fact that I am one of the younger people there, I decided its full of germaphobes. There is a big dispenser of towelettes and most people carry a couple around to clean the equipment after they use it (and sometimes before as well). I have never attended a gym with such a huge group of people focused on germ control.

To be cool and fit in, I try to remember to grab a couple towelettes and carry them around through my workout. I admit I am not as conscientious about using them as others are. There are some who don't touch anything without a towelette between them and the surface. I think they are a bunch of germaphobes who are moving the germs around with the towelettes. I don't really think they do anything.

What I do is to wash my hands before I work out and again after I work out. I think that is much better than the towelette option. The towelettes don't do much for removing germs - maybe just move them from equipment to equipment. I prefer to think that hand washing will prevent me from bringing in the germs and also from taking any more home with me.

I know there are all sorts of nasty germs and the worst ones to get from gym equipment are MRSA - drug resistant infections - that can eventually kill you if you aren't careful or have a compromised immune system. During flu season, I think gym equipment can be a good source of flu germs. I also think if you need a petri dish of germs gym equipment along with grocery carts will provide a good source of germs.

Myself I am more worried about cancer cooties than germs. Most germs have cures. Cancer cooties have been proven to cause long term health issues, cause the use of medications with nasty side effects, surgeries, and lots of medical adventures and have a high death risk associated with them.

But since we don't yet know how to cure the cancer cooties I'll stick with handwashing as my first line of defense.

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nancyspoint said...

People are pretty funny sometimes aren't they? I'm with you, I worry way more about the cancer cooties. I guess this practice is good for the towlette companies.

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