Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On how many levels is this wrong?

A woman was diagnosed with cancer and a relatively bad diagnosis. Her husband asked his boss for flexibility so he could attend treatments with her and offered to work nights and weekends. He was terminated as a result. How wrong is this?

Now, as the article says it may not be illegal but it certainly is not moral or ethical.

A long term employee made a request and it was declined. They now have to replace him and will bear a burden of hiring and training a new person. I bet the transition will cost more over time than keeping someone who is working odd hours. Never mind what this will do to company morale. Maybe others will leave as a result as well. I mean what if one of their family members got sick and they wanted some flexibility to take care of them? They would have gotten their answer in this episode.

I would never work for that company or do business with them as a result of this action. Who wants to deal with a company who treats people this way? What would you expect from them in a business deal if this is how they do business?

Do you think their business will take a hit as a result? I think so. If you read the comments online apparently they took their general email address off their website - probably as a result of being inundated.

A few of the comments refer this as being a need for national health care. Its not really. Its a need for common decency.

Assuming there is another side to the story, the company was asked for their point of view on this. Their only statement is that it is a private personnel matter. Well, its not exactly private any more so to protect their business they need to do some damage control.

This is so wrong. I hope he gets a job soon as a result of all this publicity. I hope the company takes a hit in the bottom line. I hope the woman who fired him is disciplined in some way - even let go herself. And if I was him, I would not want to go back to the company. Ever.


FAMEDS said...

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Don't you sometimes think the world has just gone mad? There's certainly a lack of critical thinking skills, compassion and the ability to role reverse.

Elizabeth said...

Stunned! I would like to hope that these things don't happen, but they obviously do.
Do you know if the man tried FMLA request?
This is just shameful

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