Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am ready for convalescence

But first the latest in breast cancer detection is a sheep. Yes, really. Read more here.

So after cancer, there is depression and anger and all sorts of other emotions. The Victorians did one thing right, aside from introducing extreme modesty to piano legs (that's why everything was draped - so legs didn't show), after a significant illness they sent everyone off to convalescent clinics in the Swiss alps or the Adirondacks or some other remote place. This allowed emotional recovery from the illness as well as physical.

Now they say 25-40% of those of us lucky enough to get cancer suffer from depression. Who would have thunk? I mean you get the biggest shock of your life, deal with surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and all sorts of nasty tests and procedures, and you get depressed? I mean who wouldn't? You are bald, fat/thin, feel like crap, look like crap, and are trying not to lose your lunch. What do you get in return? More fun medical tests and procedures on a regular basis.

I think what I need is a convalescence where I don't have to go to the doctor, I don't have to have medical adventures, and I can actually start to get better and possibly have no new medical diagnoses. A long vacation is really what it is. That would be perfect.


Arla said...

Amen Caroline!! I'm ready for the Alps myself....two years in to this and I have been through every possible emotion there is - and drug I think, too. Thanks for making me laugh this morning - I needed it! BTW - Just set up a week long vacation..... ;) said...

Oh, yes!! All of this sucks, big time! I'm 7 years out & now "recuperating" from the death of my husband six months ago. His heart just stopped beating. A congenital thing. I thought breast cancer was hard but this has been like riding a yo-yo. Let me know where the convalescent destination is & I'll be there.

nancyspoint said...

Sometimes it would be nice to say enough, and all the crap would be gone, or to escape to somewhere like the Alps! Maybe they were on to something back then. Not surprising to hear about all those cases of depression. I hope you can find some place to escape to, even if it's only your back yard or a good book. Thanks for your honesty.

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