Friday, May 22, 2015

Damn those pesky blood tests

Yesterday my plan was to go to my therapist and then get some blood work done for my rheumatologist. The hospital switched to a new software program with a new patient interface. I like the interface because I can see all my upcoming appointments and test results and all sorts of fun stuff.

When I saw my rheumatologist earlier this month we agreed to switch around my meds which meant more blood tests. I had made a note of getting my blood work done yesterday but realized I never got any notification on my planned blood work. I decided I should call to find out if they were really scheduled. And they weren't. But because I called, they were happy to put them in the computer.

So I went for my blood work after my new therapist urged me yet again to go to a different support group on how to relax more. This morning I got the result. And they suck. To be honest.

This means my plan to switch away from methotrexate and the forever and ever colds may not work. Damn those pesky blood tests. Damn.

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