Friday, May 29, 2015

No I don't care

Sunday is my cancerversary. I don't really care. At all. What would I be celebrating? Still being here after breast cancer. Not really. I probably should celebrate my 34th cancerversary from thyroid cancer. But I don't either. I have considered that one but never have done much.

I can understand why some people want to celebrate being around after their lives were turned upside down. I have a friend who is I believe 8 years out from stage IIIC lymphoma. I have another friend who will be 34 or so years out from stage IV ovarian cancer. Those probably deserve more celebrating but I am not even sure either of them do.

What I do prefer is to celebrate my 37th birthday (again - I was 29 for a long time but have since switched to 37) this year. My life is not defined by my health but by me. In fact, I cannot let my life be defined by my health. I am so much more than that.

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