Sunday, May 3, 2015

I blew out my flip flop

Yes it really happened. We went to Sanibel Island for a week which is why I haven't been blogging about me much. And the first day we got there we went down to the beach in our flip flops and stood in the surf and I really did blow out my flip flop.

It was a wonderful relaxing time. And our tenth anniversary. Since we got married, my health has tanked. Let's review the last ten years of my health:

2005 - Massive internal infection due to necrosing fibroids which led to hospitalization and a few months later a hysterectomy.
2006 - I was fairly healthy, for a year.
2007 - Breast cancer diagnosis in May followed by two surgeries, chemo, and ending the year just before Christmas with another lumpectomy.
2008 - Radiation and gall bladder surgery. And my back started causing a lot of pain.
2009 - Back MRI and diagnosis of degenerating disks
2010 - Lymphedema started and treatment for my back. A badly sprained ankle with a chipped tibia and other longer term issues.
2011 - Back treatments and injections began. And I got tennis elbow and developed Raynaud's.
2012 - PT for my tennis elbow and more back injections and procedures. And diagnosis of RA and fibromylagia.
2013 - Osteoarthritis in both knees with synvisc injections. All sorts of fun with RA issues.
2014 - More RA issues, a few colds caused by low immune system. Dry eye issues from RA
2015 - So far only two colds including an ear infection, more lymphedema, and some evil dental work.

But we are still happily married and we are still speaking to each other.. My husband does put up with me and all my ailments.

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