Sunday, May 17, 2015


I miss our cat. I missing having a cat. I like have a warm fuzzy kitty to snuggle with as I sit around and recover from whatever my latest overexertion has been.
My husband has told me not to say things like 'we are thinking about getting a cat' because then we are instantly offered one, or two or three... This has already happened.

I grew up with cats. I lived without cats for a long time because I didn't live where cats were allowed. I met my husband and he came with a cat. We bought a house and the cat ruled until mid-April. It was a very difficult time when we had to put him down but he was not doing well at all. But he was a great comfort to me when I had health issues.

I admit to looking at pet adoption websites. My husband thinks I might go out and adopt a cat without him. I would never do that but I like the idea of keeping him on edge. We have made a deal that we will get two cats (he wants) or three cats (I want) at the end of the summer when our travels are done for the year.

Shere Khan left some large paws to fill. He would bring us his captured mice from the kitchen. Or the time he walked into our next door neighbors house and went upstairs and slept on the bed in the master bedroom. Or he would go visit the neighbors for treats and snacks. Or he would walk around another neighbor's house and their dog would go nuts inside. These are all true stories. (He really did go into our neighbor's house and sleep in the master bedroom.)

But I am plotting to what cat I would want to adopt. Double paws, short hair, larger sized sound good so far. As my health declines, having a cat has been more important. I want to be greeted at the door and have someone to snuggle when I have a bad day. But I will be patient, and plot for the ideal cat.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so so sorry to hear that your beloved cat has died. He had a good long life, and was really spoiled by his master and mistress. Cats are the best! My condolences to you, and I hope your next search for a new pet works out very well (when the time comes.)
All the best,

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