Sunday, May 10, 2015

Which support group?

I am a huge fan of support groups. With my first cancer diagnosis (thyroid) in 1981, cancer support groups were for old people, not for college students. (And back then cancer was whispered, not shouted.) With my second cancer diagnosis (breast), I immediately joined a support group (because I was not going to let cancer suck more years of my life). I actually attended two different breast cancer support groups over several years. They were great for me and provided a lot of emotional support group.

I also tried attending a chronic pain support group a few years ago. It was okay, but not very convenient for me and I didn't instantly connect with anyone. It was a big group as well with a range of ailments and ages.

Now I have a new therapist and she suggested I join their new fibromyalgia support group. I am a bit iffy on that. I think my hesitance comes from the fact that my health issues are not as focused on fibromyalgia or any single ailment.

As my blog has changed over recent year, my health has changed as well. I do not have a single focus for my health now. I have multiple ailments with multiple concerns.

I don't only focus on my annual mammogram and follow up with my oncologist any more. I focus on my annual mammogram and follow up with my oncologist and my rheumatologist appointments and my pain management appointments and my endocrinologist appointments and all my related tests and scans.

I need a support group for people with breast and thyroid cancer and fibromylagia and rheumatoid arthritis and bad backs and lymphedema and chronic pain and fatigue. I don't think there are any of those. This is why I have a therapist so I have a personal support group. I think that's the best I can do.

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