Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fish cancer

This is just icky. Fish caught with cancerous tumors on them. I would never want to eat them, swim in the water with them, or eat anything else which came out of that water. Icky poo!

'...we find young-of-year and now adult bass with sores, lesions and more recently a cancerous tumor, all of which continue to negatively impact population levels and recreational fishing," ...

"If we do not act to address the water quality issues in the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania risks losing what is left of what was once considered a world-class smallmouth bass fishery,"...'


'...there was no evidence that cancerous growths in fish are a health hazard to humans. But she warned that people should avoid eating "fish that have visible signs of sores and lesions."'

Eating cancerous food sounds absolutely disgusting. But to me this really is a sign of a real environmental problem. If fish are getting cancer in the water, what impact is it having on people and other animals and birds in the area? I would be greatly concerned about my own personal health if I lived nearby.

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