Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another day

Today is another day where I am running late - already. I can't believe it but I have wasted time on the internet already today and now have to run around like a crazed person so I can get to work on time. Damn.

Also, more not so new news. My mystery rash that I had a year ago, has reappeared. On my arm and leg. I would call the doctor but since I have the ointment from last year I will try that and talk to my doctor about it on Monday. I know people in this world who actually have to call their doctor to report an ailment and ask what to do. Me, I get to just wait for the next time I go see one of them.

Again in the not new news category, the cat seems to have developed a new ailment. His jaw looks funny. He is acting normally and eating normally and generally being his normal pain in the butt self but he looks like he went three rounds in a boxing ring. I will put this in the wait and see category because he looks funny but doesn't seem to be feeling bad (if his appetite is any measurement).

I actually slept for about six hours last night - so I feel somewhat rested. For a change. But when I woke up at the lovely hour of 4 am my left leg was very sore - to the point I had to get up and walk around. Then when I lay back down, it instantly started hurting again - as soon as my back hit the mattress. I will also add this to the list of things to discuss with the pain doctor (as opposed to my primary care doctor) on Monday.

Yesterday I made my back hurt (well hurt slightly more than it probably would have hurt if I behaved myself). First I assembled two small bookcases that I got at Target. Walter carried them upstairs and then I rearranged everything in my closet so I could put the shelves down at the end and refill them with the stuff that was crammed on the floor and the single shelf that was in there. Now I can find things but my back definitely hurt. I also uncovered one last box of stuff that I never unpacked from when we moved in, over four years ago. So I pulled it out and stuck it right in the middle of the floor in my 'tidy' clean office where I will go through it and sort it out... At some point. I did pull out a few things like the bag of twist ties from my junk drawer in my old apartment...

Like I said today I am running late and have to be at work in one hour. Between now and then, I need to take a shower, figure out what to wear, get dressed, eat breakfast, wash the dishes, do my exercises, pack my lunch, and take something out of the freezer to make for dinner tonight (which is actually very complicated because we were going to have pasta and sauce but I am not in the mood for it so I have to come up with something else to eat). I have to leave in 50 minutes. Can I do it? Perhaps. If I get off the damn computer.

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Daria said...

It's hard to peel myself away from the computer too.

Blogging is so much fun.

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