Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wishful thinking

I have seen dozens and been told of many more 'new cures' for cancer. Some of them are quackery, some of them are real but are only considered hopeful leads but no real breakthroughs. With cancer, we are constantly hopeful there will be something new.

My lymphedema is not much different. Again its something without a cure. It only can be managed through exercises, compression and massage. Your arm, or other appendage, can swell up permanently and never return to normal. Basically, your drainage system is broken and irrepairable.

Then I found this, a woman had lymphedema and then had a lymph node transplant and her arm recovered. A bit of wishful thinking on my part would be to have something that can actually be cured. Cancer isn't going away. Back issues aren't going away. Maybe someday lymphedema can go away. I know I must be patient because this is only one documented case and my arm is not that bad now. However it is nice to know that if it ever became really bad there might be hope for a cure.


WhiteStone said...

Someone recently emailed me the "asparagus" cure with a link that dated this particular study to 1979. Aaargh! If they want to send info, at least make it something current! And something that has been clinically proven effective.

Sorry you are dealing with lymphedema.

Debby said...

My cousin sent me an e-mail that said plain old baking soda cures cancer, but that the drug companies keep that all hush hush to continue to make the big bucks. The thing is, I brush my teeth with toothpaste, and then with baking soda each and every night.

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