Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm ready for my annual 'I Survived Pinktober' T-Shirt

Today is the end of Pinktober. I will celebrate Halloween. I have candy hidden for the trick or treaters. I might wear my feather boa when I answer the door (that's the only costume I came up with this year - it will go nicely with my Sunday evening at home sweatshirt & jeans). I will also remember those who did not make it.

But I will also celebrate the end of Pinktober. As this opinion notes, there is a strong disconnect between the pink products and the pink cause. Neither of which we really need. We do need more cancer research. Skip spending money on pink products and send in your checks to cancer research.

If you buy pink encased lipstick celebrating Pinktober, did you know that lipstick could very easily contain chemicals which are known carcinogens? Or all those plastic thingies are made out of petrochemicals which are also known carcinogens? Think before you pink.

As you know I do not consider myself a cancer survivor but I do consider myself a Pinktober survivor. For that I need a t-shirt.


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Wear the pink ribbon and become a part of breast cancer awareness campaign. It’s time to act responsible and join hands to get over the fear of breast cancer by getting ourselves screened for it.

Cynthia said...

I tend to ignore advice coming from people who have either "generic" or "viagra" in their names. :-)

Good post, Caroline.

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