Monday, October 11, 2010

Needed: not awareness but research

The world is bathed in peptobismol pink through the month of Pinktober - formerly known as October. We are all aware of breast cancer now. We don't need more awareness, we need research. We should stop spending money on pink paint, pink ink, pink fabric, pink dye, pink thread, pink silk screening, etc.

Dr Susan Love, a respected breast surgeon and founder of the Dr. Susan B Love Research Foundation, explains it concisely. In the US, we give researchers funds and tell them go tell us what you find. What we need to do is give them funds and say 'find a cure'. We need to give them a goal to attain - some direction as it were.

She says it for me. This is what I think of Pinktober.


Unknown said...

I totally agree, a lot more should be invested in research. Awareness may needed but research is vital.

Nancy said...

Great video. Awareness is good, but now we do need focus on specific research. Thanks for sharing. Enjoying your blog. Hope you can visit my new one and let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, the Breast Health & Healing foundation is one that is completely dedicated to finding the causes of breast cancer. You should check it out:

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